The Brute Squad

Shortly after we were engaged, Aaron and I went to dinner with some friends. We got to talking about my family, so I pulled this picture of my dad and brothers from my wallet.  Lars looked at the picture a moment, then set it down on the table while backing away a bit. He turned …

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The Day My Husband Threw Up and Saved Our Relationship

I’ve been procrastinating on writing a blog post for a very long time now.  It’s Christmas. It’s the end of the year.  It’s the beginning of the new year.  So much pressure to write a deep, meaningful, soul searching, profound piece that sums up the meaning of life, and what I’ve learned this year.  Or …

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Cancer and Marriage

A marriage takes a lot of work; so does keeping a day job (or going to school), maintaining a home, and raising children. When you have cancer, there are times when the fight for your life takes more work than all of the above combined. Since my diagnosis, I have been reaching out to women …

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The Promise

“Will you still love me if I get breast cancer and they cut off my boobs and my hair falls out?” I should have known better than to ask the question, but I was insecure in our young relationship, and I craved the constant reassurance. Of course he put my fears to rest, along with …

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Dear Gem – Month 12 – First Birthday

It’s been quite a month: big news, big adjustments. Tomorrow morning I go in for the mastectomy. That means I will not be able to lift you for a while after the surgery, maybe even a couple weeks. It’s going to be a bigger adjustment than what you have already experienced, but we are going …

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