a new day

A new day

A new day, with a new set of challenges, including the challenge of wrapping my head around yet another wave of violence. But that fresh start is also an opportunity for a fresh perspective, for evolving the way I look at the situation, and the world.


How a scary looking kid helped me get my head screwed on straight

The first night I met him, he glared at me then leaned back a ways before slamming his head down on to the table. That thud of skull connecting with wood was so hard it made the walls shake and the windows rattle. I choked a bit on my heart, and my stomach churned with that nauseous fear that comes when everything is wrong. Very, very wrong. What were we doing with this kid in our home?

My Wish for You

I was crossing through an intersection in holiday rush hour traffic, in the rain of course (this is Seattle), when the truck to my right swooped in front of me, cutting me off, and then stopping short with his butt hanging in the crosswalk – leaving me stranded and blocking the cross traffic. Yeah, I …

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My Mother’s Gift

In 1991 my mom brought home Matt; I was not happy. Although I had moved out, I still had a room at the homestead – a room I needed to clear of my belongings so it could go to this new kid. But that’s not the whole reason I was upset. Taking in kids was …

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Riversong Lodge Cookbook

Riversong Lodge Cookbook: What comes around goes around

The other day, a friend of mine at work asked me if I had a copy of the The Riversong Lodge Cookbook: World-Class Cooking in The Alaskan Bush. The book, a mix of recipes and the stories of a couple’s trials and triumphs in building a fly-in lodge in rural Alaska had been a favorite …

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