Embracing right now

Life is full of beautiful moments, moments where the beauty is not in the image, but in the experience. Sometimes I let myself think that a moment must be documented to be real or precious. Not true. [...]

Little pick-me-ups

A friend once said to me “Enough with the character building; we’ve got plenty of character.” And I do believe I have plenty of character, yet life keeps the lessons coming at me.

One of those lessons is that I need to make a practice of taking care of myself, and I’m not just talking [...]


My homework has become a bit of drudgery lately, but there is one thing that brightens my study time.

Gem (23 months old today) started drawing smiley faces.

I find them all throughout my notes.

We got her a journal of her very own, and she does love to color in that as [...]

A Blessing

Shortly after our engagement, Mr. H and I were at Bellevue Square in a stationary shop. He was at one rack and I was at another with my back to him as we quietly read through greeting cards. Out of nowhere, a Buddhist nun with shaved head and grey robe took my hand, then reached [...]