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Waiting for commencement

Waiting for the graduation ceremony to start: Isn’t it interesting how so many of the big things often involve so much waiting?

How To Get Rid of Leftover Cake

made a deep layer of leftover cake, topped it with a layer of drunk strawberries and then topped that with a layer of drunk whipped cream and repeated until everything was gone.

The Party/Not to Party Debate

Most days, the fact that Mr. H and I go to different schools with different schedules is not an issue. This week has been a different story. As I mentioned earlier, Mr. H graduated from UW on Saturday which has had him in party mode since he turned in his final paper on Friday. I, …

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Mr. H’s Very Big Day

Today was a big day. A very big day. As with most very big days, it involved a lot of waiting. And people herded like animals into areas where they can do some more waiting. There were some important people, like Quincy Jones and Bill Gates. There were speeches. And more speeches. And more speeches. …

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This evening we attended the convocation for the Near Eastern Languages and Civilization Department at the University of Washington. My husband is one of 21 graduating with a Bachelors Degree from this department, and one of 3 with a degree in Persian Language and Literature.

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