Retail Therapy: “I’m a little teapot…”

I ran away to the mall a couple days ago.  Everything was coming at me from every direction and I was in need of some retail therapy.  Problem is, I have neither time nor money at the moment.  Then I somehow silenced the nagging “you don’t have time for this…” long enough to find myself [...]

Goodies: Hand-Me-Down Sweater

My mother dressed me in this sweater when I was an infant.  Once I grew out of it, she packed it away and saved it for me.  It’s been 38 years and I can hardly wait to dress my daughter in this sweater.  18 more weeks to go.


Goodies: Robots in Love Pendant

When I watched WALL-E last week, Mr. H was not with me. I spent the entire movie wishing that he was there because I just wanted to hold his hand.

When I saw this robots in love pendant, I just couldn’t resist. While they are nothing like the main characters in the movie, these robots [...]

Goodies: Attack! Pillows

These pillows are just too cool. This set of two pillows illustrates a crow attacking a squirrel in an urban setting with wool felt applique over vintage upholstery fabric. I just love the goodies I can find on etsy._________________________________________

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