Living with Dying: Thoughts on friendship and cancer

I get by with a little help from my friends

Team Sakura and the Tour de Pink

And so they ride. Team Sakura rides to get back at cancer, they ride to support each other, and they ride because they can.

remembering candice bailey

Remembering Candice

We talked about how difficult it is to describe Candice, and have people really understand just how awesome she was, or how deeply her absence is felt, about the urge to insist, “But you don’t understand! This was CANDICE!” Of course people didn’t understand, unless they’d met her. You only had to meet her once to really get it.

young survival coalition retreat

A circle of women

A circle of young women supporting each other through breast cancer.

holding hands - CoffeeJitters.Net


Have you ever watched little kids make friends? It blows me away with it’s simplicity and straightforwardness. I’m learning from this kind of authenticity.

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