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Goodies: Hand-Me-Down Sweater

My mother dressed me in this sweater when I was an infant.  Once I grew out of it, she packed it away and saved it for me.  It’s been 38 years and I can hardly wait to dress my daughter in this sweater.  18 more weeks to go.

Re-creation of Doc McKinley’s Dental Office

Last week my friend Sharon drove out to the Dorothy Page Museum in Wasilla, Alaska and sent me these pictures. Within that museum is a recreation of my grandfather’s dental office. I didn’t actually have any pictures of this installment so it was a great thrill to receive these pictures. The dedication (pictured above) reads …

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Judy Schwartz Haley

Watch out

Watch out: I was known to throw my drink right over my shoulder, so you’re in my line of fire. Yeah, that little rug rat was me.  

Lee (Doc) McKinley and Family at the farm

Meanwhile, Back at the McKinley Farm…

History of the McKinley Farm in Palmer, Alaska, home of Lee (Doc) McKinley and his family.

Grandma Candy

Grandma McKinley with Mom and Aunt Judy, approximately 60 years ago. My niece and nephew call her Grandma Candy.

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