Proud wife, with a chocolate problem

My husband received a letter from UW today stating that he’s been accepted as a transfer student into the Near Eastern Studies program (I should specify that I mean the University of Washington rather than the University of Wisconsin / Waterloo / Wurzburg / Wyoming / Wales / Warwick / Westminster / Wollongong) I’m so …

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coffeejitters border pink


It’s been over 70 for the past three days in a row – and the first weekend without rain this year – causing Seattlites to cry “What is that great shining orb in the sky?!?” Thanks to the sunburns, today my office was filled with red noses and for the first time this year – …

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On the Water

we spent the day on a research vessel today – mostly taking readings of water properties and collecting water samples. Raising and lowering the line with one piece of equipment or another all day – but it was fun. For the most part it was gray and spitting rain, but on the way back home …

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School starts tomorrow, so we’re in the final phases of getting ready for that. We’ve been stressing quite a bit about the books, as we had about $200 total between us, and all of our books totaled over $450 at the school – and that included used where they were available. We spent a lot …

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