My Chemo Buddy

My favorite chemo buddy, Gem, accompanied me to my Herceptin infusion on Friday. We also brought along a horse (of course), and some coloring materials. I made several attempts at taking a picture of us together where I didn’t look stoned or have my eyes closed no luck. but this picture just cracks me up …

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Alien Brain Probe

They say people learn a lot about themselves when they have to cope with a life threatening disease like cancer. Some discover vast reserves of strength, courage, and resilience. I discovered my brain was probed by aliens. 😉 When chemo took my hair, my newly denuded scalp revealed more than just skin. It showed off …

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Walkthrough of Chemo Day

Walkthrough of chemo day for a cancer patient

Ever wondered what a day of chemotherapy was like for a cancer patient? I thought I’d bring you along today, and give you a snapshot of what cancer treatment looks like. I hope its helpful to the newly diagnosed. Obvious disclaimer: of course, every patient’s treatment is different, and each cancer treatment center is different. …

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