Cheese Days Gone By

We’ll be skipping Cheese Days to stay home with the little one this year, but since I’m feeling nostalgic, I’m posting photos from previous years…

One year ago: Playing with the Sunset


How to Feed a Baby Woodpecker

ne of the coolest things we got to watch on our camping trip last weekend was a woodpecker feeding her babies

She was a bit suspicious of us, so if we were making any noise she’d go land on a different tree and wait till we shut up and sat still before she went [...]


Russ has a cherry tree on his property, half of the branches hang over the hammock, and the other half extending out over the river.

The part over the hammock never seems to have as many cherries as the part that extends over the river

this pretty little bird sat in the cherry [...]

The Hammock

As usual, I spent the vast majority of my time at cheese days in the hammock.

As a result, the vast majority of my photos are of items I could spy from the hammock.

Side Note to Hammock Manufacturers: Is it so difficult to come up with a hammock design [...]