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when cancer complicates body image and parenting

When cancer complicates body image and parenting

Body image is a critical issue when raising young girls. When mom’s body image is complicated by cancer, things get interesting.

Pondering the Reconstruction Era

I started the morning posing for topless photos in the harsh clinical light of the plastic surgeon’s office. I hadn’t given much thought to what the ambiance might be like should I ever pose topless, but doctors in lab coats with a changing curtain for a backdrop never crossed my mind. If you told me …

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beautiful like me

I feel pretty

I didn’t feel pretty while I was growing up. I’m not making this statement as a complaint, simply stating a fact:  I didn’t feel pretty.  I wasn’t quite a tomboy either, as I was much too clumsy to shoulder that label.  I was smart, but smart didn’t make me any points at the christian school …

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beautiful like me - CoffeeJitters.Net

Beautiful Like Me

Does how we look at ourselves effect how the next generation looks at themselves?

how to roll over when pregnant

Pregnancy 101: How to Roll Over

A humorous look at pregnancy and the difficulty of simply rolling over in bed.

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