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It was a grey, blustery day, perfectly suited to my grey, blustery mood. I was dragging my cranky toddler and cantankerous husband through that most soul-suckingly dreadful chore: grocery shopping. All the while I was complaining about the fatigue I’m still battling, and my ever growing list of things I STILL haven’t gotten done yet. …

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bridge pouting

Cure for Pouting

I just feel like pouting. So, instead of beating my head against the keyboard trying to write something decent, I went for a walk in the rain. Now I’m going to sip mexican hot chocolate and slip into bed. There’s nothing so important it can’t wait till tomorrow.

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On being content

The first of June. A new week. A new month. It’s like a new start the first day of each month. May is old news, as is yesterday. I sit here in a little french bakery with my coffee and crossant, my journal, and the rest of my life stretched out in front of me. …

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Give your eyes a break

clouds, originally uploaded by coffeejitters. I spent a good 20 minutes just watching the clouds today. I had things to do, places to be, people I needed to talk to, but I left the phone inside and just went out and sat and looked and appreciated. I feel much saner now. © Copyright Judy Haley …

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