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tummy time aaron albert haley and gem

Tummy Time

Aaron Haley and Gem during tummy time

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Falling in Love

Canon Beach, Oregon 2003 Aaron and Rufus: I had forgotten to pack any toys for Rufus, so Aaron took one of his socks and filled it with sand. It amazes me sometimes how the simplest things make the best toys. The $40 toy for your toddler is no match for the box it came in. It was …

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The Hammock

As usual, I spent the vast majority of my time at cheese days in the hammock. As a result, the vast majority of my photos are of items I could spy from the hammock. Side Note to Hammock Manufacturers: Is it so difficult to come up with a hammock design that allows one to get …

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On Alaska and Men

This is my husband when he visits Alaska. And this is my husband when he’s not in Alaska. I guess “When in Rome….” The men outnumber the women in Alaska by something like 2:1, so you’d think the odds of finding a good man were pretty good. I had to move to Washington to find …

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Mr. H’s Very Big Day

Today was a big day. A very big day. As with most very big days, it involved a lot of waiting. And people herded like animals into areas where they can do some more waiting. There were some important people, like Quincy Jones and Bill Gates. There were speeches. And more speeches. And more speeches. …

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