I just joined an online challenge called 21*5*800 hosted by Bindu Wiles. 21 days. 5 days of yoga per week. 800 words per day. I am so excited about this challenge. The group is actually on day 4 of the challenge and I just got started. I’m just going to start where the group is, …

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Resolutions: getting organized

Over the years, I’ve made resolutions and succeeded, made resolutions and failed miserably, and I’ve even taken the bah-humbug route and refused to make resolutions at all. While there is something appealing about the bah-humbug method, I have come to appreciate the time out each year to stop and think about where I’ve been, where …

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During the Holiday Season, Remember to Share

It’s so easy to get caught up in the idea that this time of year belongs only to us. [Read More]

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Good Morning and Stress Management

So I woke up this morning in a great mood. I have no idea where that came from… I remember getting dressed in the living room (because where else would you get dressed?) and thinking how lucky I am to have found someone who is the perfect match for me. Then while walking the dog …

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