judy schwartz and aaron haley wedding 2004

10th Wedding Anniversary

My best friend, Dee, was helping me lace up the bodice of my wedding gown when we heard the sounds coming from another bathroom on the other side of the house. Dee looked confused, but I just smiled. I knew that sound. I knew that voice. That was my soon-to-be husband, singing his heart out in …

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Lee Museum of warped arts and hysterical do-dad

Lee Museum of Warped Art and Hysterical Do-Dads: family wedding photos and do-dads

I am in possession of most of the old photographs and do-dads from our family history, and on occasion, I rummage through those items and take a stab at getting some of them scanned so we have a digital record that can be shared around the country. Most of the pictures I rummage through are multiple …

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Cancer and Marriage

A marriage takes a lot of work; so does keeping a day job (or going to school), maintaining a home, and raising children. When you have cancer, there are times when the fight for your life takes more work than all of the above combined. Since my diagnosis, I have been reaching out to women …

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It was a long day that followed a long night.  We were both frazzled, exhausted, irritable, and in that careful, walking on eggshells, mode of interacting – trying, somewhat successfully, to avoid snapping at each other over nothing. I was on the couch working on my laptop while rocking the baby in her chair with …

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the sweetest gift - CoffeeJitters.Net

The Sweetest Gift

I didn’t put a tree up this year.  I couldn’t deal with it. Just the idea of driving 35 miles to our storage unit in Auburn to get the tree, and then shoving all the boxes we’ve already packed out of the way to put it up — only to have to pack everything back …

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