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Party like a Pirate

Saturday night we celebrated Captain RedBeard’s birthday. By Captain RedBeard, I mean my little brother, Timmy (Pronounced timMAY! a la South Park). We celebrated with a pirate themed pub crawl through some of Seattle’s finest drinking establishments, led by the soon-to-be Mrs. RedBeard, Mel. Mr. H and I dressed the part as well. What? You’ve …

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Stopping to Smell the Roses

One Year Ago: Time Flies (I was actually hinting that I was pregnant in this post) Four Years Ago: We Are One Month Away From Our First Wedding Anniversary

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I’m smart enough to understand that there’s no way I can get away with posting anything not baby related this close to my due date – and this far from the last time I posted.  So: I’m still pregnant and baby is doing fine, I’m still on bedrest (and typing while laying down still sucks), …

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The Best Thing

the best thing about being home from the hospital: snuggling with my husband

Moving Day

cardboard, tape, knife sharpie; colorful life packed in brown boxes Not that I didn’t have enough going on what with the pregnancy and sinus issues and papers due at school, but I just thought I’d let you know that we’re moving this weekend. Yay! Really, it is a good move, I just don’t want to …

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