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I’m Back! And the blog will now focus on Journaling

Whew! I guess I really needed a break. My last blog post was almost two years ago, and then I was burnt out. I had to step back a while and focus on some self-care.

I’m rethinking the blog now. I will keep the same name, the same conversant tone, but I decided the subject matter will be less about parenting; I am going to focus on writing and journaling. (Of course I will still write about parenting. Being a parent is a big part of who I am and consumes most of my time.)

Over the past few years, my focus turned more toward writing and journaling.  It’s been a transformative experience. I’ve learned to use my journal as a tool for personal growth, rather than just a dumping ground for hyperbole. This process has become my favorite topic.

I will continue to write about cancer and such, but more from the angle of using writing and journaling as a tool to process the trauma of cancer. I will show how I use writing and journaling as a tool for moving forward with my life.

I’m more interested in finding my way to the juicy, good stuff, than detailing what’s wrong with where I’m at. I’m focused on where I’m going and how I will get there.

I hope this blog will be a cozy and inviting space to discuss writing and journaling to to map a path toward meaning and living well.

get cozy

And, yes, I am still completely smitten by coffee. There’s nothing quite like curling up with a cup of joe and a good book or a journal, or even my computer. Coffee is my happy place.

coffee, computers, and journaling are my happy place


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