Seattle Iranian Festival 2013


The Seattle Iranian Festival is an annual event for my family. My husband got his Master’s degree in Persian literature, and through his studies we were introduced to the local Persian community.


Each year we reconnect with old friends, and savor the amazing food.


Art, colors, texture, music, beauty everywhere…




Each year Gem is made to feel like a princess, as our friends tell her they remember when she was just tiny.

She soaks up the attention  –

face painting

and we all know how much she loves to have her face painted.

queen of the mermaids

But you needn’t be connected to the local Iranian community to enjoy the Seattle Iranian Festival. Free, welcoming, open to all, this event will open your eyes to a beautiful culture that is not well understood in our country.  It comes around every year. Give it a try next June.

Let’s Connect

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