Halloween Party

On the way to the Halloween party, she started to have second thoughts about her costume.

“But, I don’t want to be a dinosaur ballerina.” I assured her that she didn’t have to wear her costume.
“I want to be a camel.”
“I’m sorry, I don’t have a camel costume.”
“Do you have a crocodile costume?”

By the time we got to the party, and she saw that all the other kids were wearing costumes, she was thrilled to be a dinosaur ballerina again.


She loved the craft station, and is so proud of the mask she made.


After a thourough consultation with the make-up artist, she finally decided on whiskers to complement her ensemble.


Sitting still for the face painting was the hardest part.  It tickles.


The best sight of the evening was watching her perform an interpretive dance to the Halloween music.  Then she upped the bar and performed her dance inside the haunted house.


This is the first time she’s really gotten into Halloween, and she LOVED it.


I can’t wait to see what kinds of pictures you have to share this week. Link’em up below.


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