Month: September 2012

Taking Back October

Taking back October

My friends are dying, and it’s not for lack of awareness. We don’t need more awareness. What we need is a cure.

A sudden gradual change of seasons

Autumn always sneaks up on me. Back to school sales start when the temps are still in the 90s. The thought of wearing leather, or wool, or flannel is laughable. The sun sets a little earlier, but not so early as to impact my day. And the trees might start to take on a little …

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gem wants a credit card

Apparently, my 3-year-old thinks she needs a credit card

I let my little girl play with the junk mail because she loves the pictures, and the bold, eye-catching fonts are great for learning letter recognition.

But I didn’t expect her to fill out a credit card application.

What’s in your bag?

The bookshelf is the first thing I check out when visiting someone new. It’s utterly fascinating to me what other people read, and often adds depth to my impressions of them. I’ve recently discovered the “what’s in your bag?” trend, and that has me captured as well. There’s a strange voyeuristic thrill in seeing what other people carry …

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Imagine a dating site for your stuff: Joe needs a replacement water reservoir for his coffee maker; Jenny just broke her coffee maker (identical to Joe’s), but the water reservoir is just fine. But how would she know that anyone needs her reservoir? She might just throw it away.  Joe might toss the old, and buy a new coffee maker. …

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