Month: July 2012

Feeding the birds

Our favorite activity at the Woodland Park Zoo is the bird feeding room. $1 for a stick of birdseed translates to more than your money’s worth in little girl giggles. So far, we have not been able to get our act together and get to the right place and time to feed the giraffes – …

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Giving peas a chance: how do I avoid passing on my food aversions to my child?

I don’t like peas, but as a mom, I don’t want to pass along my pea issues to my kiddo. How do I avoid passing on my food aversions to my child?

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Contending with change

These are big changes that impact programs that were built with sweat, tears, and heart by unpaid volunteers. They are mucking about with, what is for many of us, our safe place. But I went home feeling ok about the situation, not because I agree with everything that has been decided, but because of the way the announcement and the subsequent activities were handled.

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Authentic Success

When I think of the effort it took to extract myself from group-think and learn to evaluate all the information, rather than only considering that which reinforced the group’s position, I consider my daughter and her development. How do I teach her that she does not have to feel guilty for thoroughly considering information available to her, and coming to a different conclusion from me?

little pick-me-ups

Little pick-me-ups

A friend once said to me “Enough with the character building; we’ve got plenty of character.” And I do believe I have plenty of character, yet life keeps the lessons coming at me. One of those lessons is that I need to make a practice of taking care of myself, and I’m not just talking …

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