Month: May 2012

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Deep thoughts…

I’ve been doing a lot of deep thinking, lately… pondering, cogitating, ruminating, evaluating, perhaps even brooding. Definitely brooding. I’m just not at a point where I can talk about it all. It’s just so much… So much what does this cancer diagnosis mean to the rest of my life? to what extent will I let …

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relearning how to dream after cancer

A relearning how to dream after cancer blog

it takes some courage to re-imagine the future and relearn how to dream after cancer.

Monday Morning

Monday morning, from 10 to 11

The magic happens every day, even on a Monday morning, but I don’t always take the time to stop and notice. In just an hour of paying attention: The air is the perfect temperature – not so warm or cold as to demand attention. Watching an artist become The little one exploring – getting familiar …

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Photography as a meditation

I stalk the light, and the world fades away. There is only this moment, this camera, this flower, this light. Which camera? Irrelevant: an old beater, camera phone, DSLR… it doesn’t matter. The flower – deconstructed petal, stamen, line, curve, color. I capture the light, not the flower The way the light moves and flexes, …

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Grasping at Bubbles

Grasping at Bubbles

Writing has been difficult lately. I feel like I’m chasing soap bubbles, and the moment I grasp a nugget, a train of thought, an approach, an angle, it disappears into nothingness before I can pin it to paper.

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