Month: June 2011

The most fascinating animal at the zoo

Camels, tigers, polar bears… what animal at the zoo would most capture a toddler’s attention? Could it be a squirrel? Dee took us to the Alaska Zoo during our recent visit, and Gem was captivated by this little red squirrel. He didn’t move a lot at first But I promise he was real see… They …

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midnight sun

The days are already getting shorter

I took this photo at my friend Dee’s house in Chugiak, Alaska, on Friday night. It was midnight. You’d think after all those years growing up in the land of the midnight sun, I’d be used to this. But no, I had to stop and take a picture. I can’t believe the days are already …

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I love dandelions. They are such simple, earnest, friendly, happy flowers. I understand that people tend to despise the weed, but they warm my heart.  They’re like children; they may make a mess of the yard, but really they just want to make you smile. Besides, their greens are yummy. These bear cubs thought so …

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Posh digs for a beaver

This is where the wealthy, well-to-do beavers live. On our drive through Canada, we’ve encountered countless beaver dams and lodges, but this area covered acres of stepped dams with lodges back farther away from the road. These little lakes created by the beavers were surrounded by babbling brooks, mosses, and wildflowers. As it was, I …

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beware of bears - CoffeeJitters

Somebody big was napping here

Walking on a boardwalk on the wild side of the river in Leavenworth, I encountered this very large matted area in the grass – it was about four feet in diameter.  My first thought was that something very large must have been napping in this space, after which I proceed directly into the woods… and …

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