Month: February 2011


My homework has become a bit of drudgery lately, but there is one thing that brightens my study time. Gem (23 months old today) started drawing smiley faces. I find them all throughout my notes. We got her a journal of her very own, and she does love to color in that as well. So …

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McKinley Family - Alaska 1947

The Last Frontier, Alaska 1947

When my Grandparents moved to Alaska in the 1940s, it was still very much a frontier. It was both the wild, wild west, and the frigid north. Grandma took notes. By compiling and transcribing her notes, and sharing them on my blog, I’m fulfilling a promise to her to make these stories available and accessible to …

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Reasons I Love Seattle: #3 Trees Bloom in February

Several years ago, a friend flew down to visit me from Anchorage.  During the visit, she asked me if I had considered moving back home to Alaska.  This was mid-February, it was bitter cold up North, the ground and everything else covered in snirt (gray, gritty, dirty snow). I looked around at all the flowers, …

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Get your ducks in a row

Get Your Ducks In A Row

Every single one of my New Years Resolutions have already been derailed, in the first six weeks of the year. My resolutions weren’t anything revolutionary or out of the ordinary. Not even all that difficult really, with the exception of that 33 grams of fat thing (multiple sources recommending this as a means of preventing …

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How a scary looking kid helped me get my head screwed on straight

The first night I met him, he glared at me then leaned back a ways before slamming his head down on to the table. That thud of skull connecting with wood was so hard it made the walls shake and the windows rattle. I choked a bit on my heart, and my stomach churned with that nauseous fear that comes when everything is wrong. Very, very wrong. What were we doing with this kid in our home?

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