Month: January 2011

Reasons I Love Seattle: #1 Sunset Over Lake Union

I was running late for a meeting, but I just had to stop and capture a couple shots of this sunset. I pulled over alongside the lake, rolled down the passenger-side window, and clicked away. As I continued on my way to the meeting, the sunset intensified. Each time I pulled through an intersection, the …

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Aaron Albert Haley bagpipes

Auld Lang Syne

No, the house piper is not playing tonight; it’s been a long time since Aaron has had time (and a decent location) to do any serious practicing on his pipes. We’ve been so busy lately, we completely forgot about Burns Night, and didn’t make any plans. But in honor of Robbie Burns birthday, I’ll leave …

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Three-Year-Old Beats Breast Cancer, Causes Me to Think

I spend a lot of time thinking about this diagnosis and how to manage the fear, particularly in reference to my daughter. How do I teach her to live her life at full speed, while still teaching her to take care. I don’t want to teach her to be fearful; I don’t want her to live a life of timidity and fear. On the other hand, I don’t want her to be dismissive of danger. Where do you find that balance?

What is it about Daddy’s boots?

Same boots, same baby, one year earlier.

There was a little girl…

My Grandmother used to say this little verse to me all the time.  I can’t for the life of me figure out who she was talking about.  I was a little angel. 😉

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