Month: November 2010


If I just listed off all the things for which I’m thankful this year, the list would go on for several pages, and I wouldn’t be able to complete it in one day. As I do have plans to spend some time with my family, I’ll try to keep this short and just point out …

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Snow Day at University Village


Gem’s first day playing in the snow. Toes! (just checking to make sure they’re still there.)

It Gets Real

She had warm eyes and the sweetest smile, but it was her wit that took my breath away. You had to pay attention because her comments were quiet, under-the-breath, but they would make you snort-laugh and shoot your champagne out your nose. To be honest, I didn’t know her very well, we only met a …

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baby in ferocious zebra costume

Dear Gem – Month 19

Your vocabulary is just exploding. It’s not just one or two new words a day, it’s several. Big words, like squirrel and butterfly, which is nearly unintelligible, but I know what you’re saying. You’re picking up on concepts, too. The other day when we saw the peacock at the zoo, you pointed at it and …

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