Month: August 2010



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Dear Gem – Month 17

I’ve had the hardest time getting a good picture of you lately. You’re not one to sit still and wait for the shot. You’ve got things to do, places to go, bookshelves to climb. Each night when I download the photos from my memory card, I sort through picture after picture after picture of the …

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Stupid Cancer

Battling cancer is frustrating. It’s complicated. Cancer isn’t just one disease that acts a specific way, it’s many different creatures that have been categorized under a single umbrella. Different cancers, even different breast cancers, react differently to treatments. And each body reacts to the cancer and the available treatments differently. I promised an update in …

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Young Survival Coalition (YSC)

Young Survival Coalition

The doctors are working to save my body, my friends at the Young Survival Coalition have helped save my sanity.

Whatcom Falls, Bellingham

This sandstone bridge over Whatcom Creek was built in 1939 as part of the Works Progress Administration. swimming hole 2 Years Ago Duck Family

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