Bellingham Bay

In 2001, I drove my little dodge dakota alone off the ferry from Alaska, through the town of Bellingham without a second thought as I made my way to my new life in Seattle.  In 2007, my husband and I overnighted in Bellingham before catching a 7 am cruise to Victoria, BC.  This past weekend my husband and daughter and I thought we’d finally stop and see what Bellingham had to offer.

We didn’t spend much time downtown, but we were charmed by the boardwalk along Bellingham Bay.

sailboat and kayaks on Bellingham Bay

staircase on Bellingham Bay

pier on Bellingham Bay

concrete forms on Bellingham Bay

Canadian Goose on Bellingham Bay

Heron on Bellingham Bay


sailboat at sunset on Bellingham Bay

tree and sailboat at sunset on Bellingham Bay

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