Month: December 2009

Resolutions: getting organized

Over the years, I’ve made resolutions and succeeded, made resolutions and failed miserably, and I’ve even taken the bah-humbug route and refused to make resolutions at all. While there is something appealing about the bah-humbug method, I have come to appreciate the time out each year to stop and think about where I’ve been, where …

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Dear Gem – Month 9

As I am writing this letter, we have all the lights in the house turned out except for the Christmas decorations, and Christmas movies playing on the TV. It’s two nights before Christmas, and you’re making your rounds of the living room. You check out the tree, then play with a toy, look at a …

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It’s getting more and more difficult to keep things out of her reach now that she can get up on her tippy-toes. She has also discovered that standing on a teddy bear can extend her reach by an inch or two. She really keeps me on my toes.

Daddy’s Boots

One year ago: hand me down sweater

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