Month: October 2009

First Costume Party

We just got home from Gem’s first costume party. We spent the evening with a bunch of princesses, superheroes and fairies, and one very cute shark.



Tim and Mel Get Married

241 Sunday night my little brother got married to a smart, beautiful, sassy, funny, bold, independent, adventurous, organized, and very sweet girl. She is exactly what he needs.

Congratulations you two! I think you are perfect for each other.

Dear Gem – Month 7

Last night we took your crib apart in the middle of the night in order to lower the mattress. Your recent fascination with climbing paired with your new ability to pull yourself into a standing position meant that waist high crib bars were no longer safe for you. Those bars had to come up a …

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Keeping Me On My Toes

Not only is she sitting up now, she’s getting herself up on her knees And my curious little girl is crawling Crawling very fast I’m afraid to blink

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