Month: August 2009

There, and back again

My baby girl, and her adventures.

Wooo! I’m hiding under this ugly pink couch cover. Mommy can’t see me because my eyes are covered.

best view in the house

The Best View in the House

The best view in the house is from my pillow.   One of these days we’re going to move her into her own room.  It will be nice to have our room back, but I’m sure going to miss this view.

98year-old family photo

Ninety-Eight Year Old Family Photo

This family photo was recently sent to us by a distant relative in Michigan.  It is dated May 14, 1911. I don’t know anything about most of the people in this photo, but one I know personally.  My grandmother is the infant in the back row to the right. Allow me to introduce you to …

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Snuggle in Bronze

Kirkland, WA One Year Ago: Somebody Needs a Nap

Letters to Gem - month 5

Dear Gem – Month 5

So somehow, without being heard over the monitor you managed to get out of your swaddling, get a leg out of your jammies and play grab the toesies while I wasn’t looking. You surprise me nearly every day.

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