2009 Seattle Iranian Festival

It’s hard to party when your heart is with people dying on the street on the other side of the world.  Harder still for Seattle’s Iranian-American community, with family members caught up in the in the fight for their rights, freedom, and even their lives in Iran.

Yet party is just what we did today at the 3rd Annual Seattle Iranian Festival.

2009 Seattle Iranian Festival

People tore themselves away from the reports streaming in online and on TV for a day to come together and celebrate the Iranian culture.

With dancing and music

Persian dancer

Art exhibits

The Seattle Tehran Poster Show

and of course, food. (Why does food served from the side of a truck always taste better?)

Persian Food

Gem, my little Rebel With a Cause, was a champ all day.  She didn’t fuss and she absolutely loved the crowd – and we were there all day.  I think this little one is going to be a people person.

Gem at Persian Festival

The events inside the building were focused on the culture and heritage of the Iranian people

Persian Rug

Persian American

Outside, demonstrators showed their solidarity with the people of Iran.

Solidarity with Iranians

I’ve been to this festival before, in fact I knew many of the participants, performers, and organizers.  This has always been a fun event. But this year the Seattle Iranian Festival was amazing.

Throughout history the Iranian people have been phenomenally resilient. I believe this will continue to be the case.

Keep Iran in your heart this week.

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