Month: February 2009


Baby Update: the Antepartum Unit

Yup, still pregnant. And still in the hospital.  I have been officially transferred from Labor and Delivery to the Antepartum Unit.  This is a good thing, it means they are no longer worried that I will deliver any minute, but I still need some help to keep labor from proceeding.  I’m still dilating – about …

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Baby Update: the Hospital

That’s right, I’m in the hospital right now.  Saturday night was a tough night for me with lots of intestinal cramping and nausea.  I was up all night.  The next morning we started going through all the boxes we hadn’t unpacked yet looking for the booklet on pregnancy and childbirth from our doctor.  When we …

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I’m Still Here

I’m still here and still very pregnant.  The move went as well as, or even better than expected.  We had one group of friends and family members show up on Saturday morning and the worked till about 8 that night moving the big items and most of the boxes – and a second group of …

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Moving Day

cardboard, tape, knife sharpie; colorful life packed in brown boxes Not that I didn’t have enough going on what with the pregnancy and sinus issues and papers due at school, but I just thought I’d let you know that we’re moving this weekend. Yay! Really, it is a good move, I just don’t want to …

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