the Christmas pickle

This Year’s Ornament: the Christmas pickle

Last week I described our tradition of picking out a Christmas ornament together.  I am pleased to announce that after a great deal of mall walking and searching, we have located and purchased the perfect ornament to memorialize the year I was pregnant.

I give you

the Christmas Pickle

the Christmas pickle

Once we got home, we found a description on the box, it says: “The pickle is a German symbol of good luck. Traditionally, German parents decorated the tree on Christmas Eve, hiding the pickle ornament last. On Christmas morning, the first child to locate the pickle was rewarded with an extra gift from St. Nicholas.”

Then I went online and discovered there’s a poem that goes along with it:

The Christmas Pickle Poem

To start a tradition that will surely last,

Here’s the story about the pickle of glass.

The night before Christmas, it’s hung on the tree

While everyone’s sleeping, it’s done secretly.

And on Christmas morning, when you arise,

The first one to find it will get a surprise!

A family tradition for all to share,

You’ll look for the pickle year after year.


Now I love my pickle even more.


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