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A Blessing

Shortly after our engagement, Aaron and I were at Bellevue Square in a stationary shop. He was at one rack and I was at another with my back to him as we quietly read through greeting cards. Out of nowhere, a Buddhist nun with shaved head and grey robe took my hand, then reached out and took my soon-to-be-husband’s hand and placed them together. She said a few words we didn’t understand followed by “Very Happy,” squeezed our hands, bowed, and walked out of the store. We turned to each other and at the same time said, “We’ve been blessed.” Then, hand in hand, we ran out of the store to follow her. Up and down the mall we searched, but she was no where to be seen.

I’ve always wondered why she chose us. I don’t know why I just remembered that story, it comes back to me from time to time. She was right, we are very happy. And very thankful for her blessing.


coffeejitters border pink

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