Month: August 2008

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Somebody Needs a Nap

This is what I look like when I’m bored and tired and waaaay more than ready to go home. I am so ready for a nap.



Several months before my Dad passed away, my parents moved from their giant 6 bedroom house with no view to a tiny 2 bedroom apartment with this view. Last August we had a family reunion in this little apartment with Mom, Dad, 5 siblings, 2 spouses and a herd of grandkids. We repeated the reunion …

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On the Water

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Duck Family

We stumbled across this little family while out on a walk along Lake Union.

Judy Schwartz Haley

Watch out

Watch out: I was known to throw my drink right over my shoulder, so you’re in my line of fire. Yeah, that little rug rat was me.  

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