Month: July 2008

Moon Rise

The moon was amazing Monday night. I notice things in a way I never did before since I started carrying a camera with me everywhere. _________________________________________ Subscribe to CoffeeJitters © Copyright Judy Haley 2008. All rights reserved.

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Falling in Love

Canon Beach, Oregon 2003 Aaron and Rufus: I had forgotten to pack any toys for Rufus, so Aaron took one of his socks and filled it with sand. It amazes me sometimes how the simplest things make the best toys. The $40 toy for your toddler is no match for the box it came in. It was …

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When the nice lady on the boat offers to take your picture, don’t assume she’s paying any attention to details like backlighting. On the other hand, this kind of fabulous light forgives all kinds of skin blemishes and double chins on second thought, the lighting was perfect _________________________________________ Subscribe to CoffeeJitters © Copyright Judy Haley …

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Sail Away

Yesterday was Mr. H’s birthday, so we spent the day on a sailboat. The view was amazing I wondered about these little duckies – what do they represent? Do they have sailboat wars? Hey look, they monitized their sail. Skipper and deck hand – the view is still amazing Heading back home. One last look …

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Goodies: Robots in Love Pendant

When I watched WALL-E last week, Mr. H was not with me. I spent the entire movie wishing that he was there because I just wanted to hold his hand. When I saw this robots in love pendant, I just couldn’t resist. While they are nothing like the main characters in the movie, these robots …

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