His Tar

For weeks my husband sat waiting for the mail. He would check the mail several times a day, pout, and double check again to make sure there wasn’t a little yellow package slip tucked in the corner of the mail box. Today the little yellow package slip arrived and Mr. H ran up to the desk to pick up his new baby.

What, pray tell was in that package?


I’ve really got to do something about those book shelves. They are embarrassingly dishevelled. Really people, I take better care of my books than that, its just that I reference them frequently and I have yet to hire a library tech to re-shelve them for me.

Oh, what? Yeah, you wanted to know what was in the package. I’m feeling a little ADD today.


The package came with a hard case, replacement strings and it’s own special pick (and plenty of bubble wrap to keep me entertained).


It’s a Persian Tar. Shipped from Iran a month ago. He’s already playing like he’s had it for years (he’s one of those annoying people who can pick up any instrument and make music come out). Mr. H is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Near Eastern Language and Civilization in 3 weeks and starting his masters program with the same focus in the fall. Said tar is his graduation gift.


In case you didn’t know, a tar is a persian lute. Wikipedia link here.

And this is what it sounds like:

Now I’m off to play with bubble wrap.

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