After the Rain

This weekend was gorgeous. We had record breaking highs to accompany the crowds at the street fair, and plenty of sunburn to go around. With the wonderful weather came the pollen, and the allergies. (And the sinus headache.)

Last night it rained. It was such a relief: the water cleaning the air and leaving everything feeling fresher, crisper, the colors are brighter, the streets washed clean (ok, well not so much the Ave).

This morning Mom and I went for a stroll and we discovered this little critter out for a stroll as well.


He was seriously out in the middle of traffic – well foot traffic anyways.


Look closely at his shell (you might have to click to enlarge). It’s so translucent you can see what look like blood vessels inside. Any biology experts out there know for sure whether snails have blood vessels in their shells?


What is wrong with me? Why am I taking pictures of slimy things?

I gotta admit, it was pretty cool to see.

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