Month: May 2008

A Family Outing

Canadian geese can be pests (and create a mess), but when they take their little family out for a walk in the park, it can be quite fun to watch. These geese used a lot of teamwork in watching the babies. There were a total of 6 adults, 4 were watching the babies. The other …

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Grandma tells it like it is

Grandma: It’s been a long time since you checked my cholesterol. Don’t you think you should check my cholesterol? Doctor: Well that depends, how much longer do you plan to live? (?! – by the way, Grandma is 97) Grandma: I think I’d like another ten years. Doctor: Well then, we’d better check your cholesterol. …

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suzzallo reading room

The Reading Room

For the past couple of months the Husband has been encouraging me to pack up my goodies and go spend a day studying in the reading room in the Suzzillo Library at the University of Washington. It’s just a couple blocks away, but I’ve been resisting. For some reason I felt intimidated. I’m not sure …

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60 things about CoffeeJitters

I’ve been working on a new about page and to that end, started brainstorming little factoids about myself. I’ll share them here. The about page is still a work in progress. 1. I grew up in Alaska. 2. I have four little brothers. Yes, I was the oldest and the only girl. I couldn’t beat …

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beauty in strange places - CoffeeJitters.Net

Finding Beauty in Strange Places

I love finding beauty in strange places – peeking out from garbage bins or rising up from the cracks in a sidewalk. A few months ago, I tossed aside my purse and re-purposed my camera bag to serve both it’s original purpose and carry all my bits that the purse would have handled. This may …

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