Month: June 2006

is it just me?

So it’s 8pm and still 89 degrees (F) in a part of the country where this is not every day fare . . .air-conditioning? not in this town I’m just nursing my bruised ego from an all out – tears included – argument about, of all things, ice cream flavors, and it occurred to me …

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I just wandered around to see what he was up to – and he was washing the windows. See more progress on: identify 100 reasons why I love my partner © Copyright Judy Haley 2008. All rights reserved.


I am so lucky. Happy Fathers’ Day Pop © Copyright Judy Haley 2008. All rights reserved.

Good Day

Today Sarah brought fixins for Office S’mores into the office… Every office should have a Sarah I love Office S’mores After work I met up with Mr. H, Then to Johnny Rockets for Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Then we went to the movie theater and saw Over the Hedge freaking awesome day! © Copyright Judy Haley …

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I was sitting in the doctors office when I finally came to terms with the fact that I am, in fact, extremely allergic to my dog. I had suspected it for some time, maybe even knew it. This wasn’t the first time it came up. In fact, we’d been discussing my allergies and my dog …

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