Month: November 2005

happy birthday to me

Today started out like too many birthdays where I put too much emphasis on making today special. Talk about setting yourself up. I was cranky this morning anyways. I don’t know why. Must be hormonal. Anyways. I really needed that first cup of coffee. We went through the drive-through to get a latte on our …

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I loved this movie. After the death of his mother, Damian is obsessed with saints and martyrs, and visits with them, asking each if they know his mum, Saint Maureen. Damian builds himself a castle/rocket ship out of boxes down by the train tracks and a bag of money falls from the sky. Damian’s brother …

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Stuff Happens

So we lost the phone, left it on the bus… That’s a great way to start of the week. Checked the account and the character that has it has been calling all over the place. Well we put a stop to that… but, it’s not like we can afford another phone. Oh, well. Stuff happens.


One thing I’ve learned

It’s really hard to stay angry and wiggle your toes at the same time. Go ahead, try it.

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Good Morning and Stress Management

So I woke up this morning in a great mood. I have no idea where that came from… I remember getting dressed in the living room (because where else would you get dressed?) and thinking how lucky I am to have found someone who is the perfect match for me. Then while walking the dog …

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